Larry Sharpe is Keynote Speaker to 5th Annual Convention of the Chautauqua County Libertarian Party

The Chautauqua County Libertarian Party will hold its annual convention on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 12 p.m. at EBC West (34 W. Main Street) in Fredonia, New York. All are welcome to attend. The convention will feature Larry Sharpe as keynote speaker, as well as the election of officers and other party business. Several candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s endorsement in town, city, and county offices will also speak to the convention on their candidacies.

“2019 is a big year for the Libertarian Party in New York,” said Andrew Martin Kolstee, Chair of the Chautauqua County Libertarian Party. “Last year, our candidate for Governor of New York, Larry Sharpe, secured ballot access for the Libertarian Party and now we are a recognized political party in New York State. Our structure will be changing, and we will be able to run candidates with less petitioning requirements, and so we can focus more on campaigning and discussing the issues.” The party will be electing officers and hosting candidate presentations. “This year, our candidates will only need certification in this transition year for the party,” said Kolstee. “We are vetting candidates, and are seeking to endorse those who want to advance the principles of the Libertarian Party in our county.”

Larry Sharpe will be the keynote speaker at the convention. He is a Marine Veteran, Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Business Consultant. In 2018, he was the Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York. Join Larry to talk about how to continue the historic momentum built during that run for Governor, what’s next for the Libertarian Party in New York, and how you can continue to #TurnYourCountyGold. Larry is a fierce advocate for all of your Constitutional Rights all of the time. Talk about the issues in your region, advancing liberty in your community, or any of these topics: repealing the SAFE Act, innovative education options, eliminating the state income tax, facilitating innovative non-taxpayer funding, eliminating tolls, localizing more government decisions, transparent government, relieving over-regulated farmers, saving Main Street, criminal justice reform, family court reform, supporting newer industries that NYS is crushing, and stopping the population exodus from New York.

The Chautauqua County Libertarian Party is a chapter of the Libertarian Party of New York and was formed to advance liberty in Chautauqua County and give the people of Chautauqua County another choice. Please like us on Facebook and visit our website at For questions, comments, or more information, contact Andrew Martin Kolstee by e-mail at or by calling or texting (716) 640-2089.